Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ayesha Faridi – The Sexiest News Anchor / News Reader : Celebs We Love

Thanks all the visitors who voted for the poll the conducted at this blog for the “Sexiest New Anchor / News Reader of India.” The polling was open for a month.

Voters have voted for Ayesha Faridi as the Sexiest News Anchor, who got 40 % of votes while close second was Sonia Shenoy who got 32 % of votes. At Third position was Mitali Mukherjee with 12 % votes while Shereen Bhan was at 4th with 6 % votes & the Fifth Sexiest New Reader was Nida Khan who got 3 % votes. Other popular News reader were Sikta Deo, Naghma Seher, Shaili Chopra, Natasha Jog, Monisha Oberoi, Neelam Sharma and Swati Raina.

Polling Results

#1- Ayesha Faridi

#2 - Sonia Shenoy

#3 - Mitali Mukherjee

#4 - Shereen Bhan

#5 - Nida Khan

#6 - Naghma Seher

#6 - Sikta Deo


Mark said...

Nida Khan and sonia are my all time favorite news readers

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